Why You Should Probate The Will When You Inherit Property in Dallas Texas

Why You Should Probate The Will When You Inherit Property in Dallas Texas
Hey, this is Neal with Now Property Investments and I’m here with my business partner, Deetra. Today we’re going to talk about if you’re inheriting a home and the person is still alive and you know that you’re going to inherit the home and you’re going to be in the will, what you might want to do to help the process go a little smoother if in the future, you’re looking to actually claim the house or property that you’re going to inherit.
Sure. One of the first things you want to do is go and get a will, take the person who is willing the property over to you to a local bank or a local notary. Have them sign it(the will) over in front of the notary. Once it’s notarized, take it to the county to have it probated. If there’re several people in this will, give them each a copy of the will so there are no discrepancies on who gets what. That just makes it plain and simple when it’s notarized and it’s probated with the county, you know their exact last wishes and it takes all the challenging questions out of it in the end.
Exactly. So if you need help with this, we do have title companies that we work with and they have lawyers that can help you write up something and even help you get everything notarized as well. So go to our website, NOW Property Investments LLC and once you get all of that taken care of, if you’re interested in selling your home, we do purchase homes as is. We will give you a no hassle, free offer on what we think we could possibly purchase the house for. And if it works for you, great, if it doesn’t, that’s okay as well. We wish you the best. So again, go to our website, NOW Property Investments LLC.

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