How to Sell Your Home Without Spending Money

How to Sell Your Home Without Spending Money
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Hey, this is Neal with Now Property Investments. Today, I’m speaking with homeowners that are looking to sell their home this summer, but with COVID-19, and just the economy as a whole, you’re not able to put a lot of money into your house to put it on the MLS, to finally get it sold at the price that you’re looking for. So today, I am going to show you how to sell your home without spending money or sinking a lot of money into your home.

Can I really sell and not have to spend a dime?

The way that you can sell your home in Dallas-Fort Worth and not sink a lot of money into it, is by simply selling your home as is. There’s a couple of different ways you can do that. You can sell with a realtor or you can sell it to a direct buyer.

What all goes into having a realtor sell it as is?

So I know there’s a lot of homeowners that are wondering what are the different fees that I will have to pay when I’m thinking about if I want to fix up my house and then list it on the MLS to possibly get it sold at the price point that I’m looking for.

So there’s a few different variables that go with that:

  1. You have to worry about the repair cost before and after the inspection. So once you even have your house under the contract, let’s say somebody wants to buy it. And they come in, and they have an inspection done. They might say after the inspection that they need X amount of work done to the house. In turn that’s more money that you have to pump into the home.
  2. Holding Cost
  3. Agent Fees,
  4. Closing Cost

So all of that goes into you listing your home with a realtor.Now you selling your home as is, you will probably end up selling it to a investor on the back-end, but you will still be able to give that family friend or whoever it might be that you’re looking to work with that commission at the end.

Working with an end buyer.

Another way that you can sell your home as is, is by just selling it to a direct buyer. So I know everybody seen those, we buy houses, I’ll buy your home for cash, or sell your home for cash in Dallas-Fort Worth. All of those different ads are people that are direct home buyers. So when you go with them, you don’t have to worry about fixing your home in any way, a long timeframe (most of the time they close when you want), and a lot of the times they pay your closing cost.

Wrapping it all up, selling your home as is, is a great option. You can either sell your home with a realtor or a direct home buyer. If you are interested in selling it with a direct home buyer, we’d love to work with you. Go to our website NOW Property Investments or you can give us a call at (214) 744-3491. We buy homes as is for cash in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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