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Homeowners Should Have Options

Homeowners Should Have Options
Video Transcription

Neal: So, I know I’m always talking about Home Buyers and how they’re able to give you cash offers, and how they’re able to sell your house quickly and move on your timeframe, but maybe you still don’t really know what Home Buyers can do for you. So you might be a person that has the house and your home is not up to date, and you’re not able to sell it at market value, or you just don’t want to sell it with a realtor because you don’t want to pay a lot of commissions and a bunch of closing costs and stuff like like that. So, I want to give you four different options that Home Buyers give you to help you be able to sell your home a lot quicker and possibly give you the number that you’re looking for.

  1. Owner financing: It is you just taking a note on the home and basically you’re the bank of whoever the person is that’s trying to purchase your home. So, if I’m trying to purchase your home and you say you want 150,000 for your home, I can come to you and ask, “Hey, would you be interested in selling it on terms?” And if you say yes, then you could do the owner financing and I would pay you X amount of dollars a month. It is kind of like a rental to you, but you wouldn’t actually have to keep up with any repairs or any type of maintenance. You would also get the upfront down payment.
  2. Subject Too: The home buyer would come in and purchase your home subject too the existing finance on the home.
  3. Lease to Own (rent-to-own): You go to a home buyer and tell them, “Hey, I want to sell my home, but I’m also interested in leasing it.” So, the home buyer, if they’re able to do a lot of different creative financing tactics, they’ll be able to go and find a tenant buyer to come in, and lease your home for X amount of months. At the end of that X amount of months, the tenant buyer will end up paying you the full amount of whatever it is that you said you wanted for your house.
  4. Cash Offer: The investor will give you just the amount that they would be able to purchase the home for, with the repairs that needed to be done to the house.

Well, if you’re interested in a Home Buyer in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, or interested in learning about a bunch of different creative financing ways that possibly help you sell your home and get it solved a lot faster. Give us a call at (214) 744-3491. Or you can go on our website, NOW Property Investments LLC

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